Wednesdays are 10am till 4:00pm

Firearms For Sale

Goodman's Arms LLC was created out of passion for shooting sports.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the American way of life as outlined in the constitution. 

     Goodman's Arms is a family owned company that is set on serving the local community with personal and friendly service to meet each customers individual needs.  We are old fashioned in thinking that the conversation is just as important as the sale..

    We are an NFA dealer.  We Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair almost anything firearms related. Gunsmithing and Custom Rifle Building.  Goodmans Arms LLC n McElhattan sell all brand of Firearms including, Browning Firearms, Remington firearms, Discount Firearms, and many more.


Hours open are Mon. through Fri. 10am till 6pm and Sat. from 9am till 12pm